Gcinisizwe Mdluli

Operations Officer

Gcinisizwe “Sizwe” Mdluli works on the modernization of government to person (G2P) payments and CGAP’s new agenda on micro and small enterprise (MSE) financing. He also supports CGAP’s reporting on performance against major deliverables and helps facilitate regular oversight of business processes. He led the execution of the Customer Centricity Maturity Assessment tool on the Customer-Centric Guide.

Before joining CGAP, Gcinisizwe spent five years at the International Finance Corporation where he worked on financial inclusion and strategy across Sub-Saharan Africa and supported corporate operational efficiency initiatives.

Gcinisizwe has a Master’s degree in Sustainable International Development from Brandeis University and an undergraduate degree in Economics from Vassar College.

By Gcinisizwe Mdluli


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