Majorie Chalwe-Mulenga

Financial Sector Analyst

Majorie Chalwe-Mulenga works with CGAP’s customer value team, where she supports work on consumer protection with a focus on protecting vulnerable consumers in digital finance.

Before joining CGAP, Majorie worked for over nine years in microfinance, commercial banking, and financial sector supervision. She served as Examiner of Non-Bank Financial Institutions and as Associate in the Financial Sector Development Unit of the Central Bank of Zambia, where she worked on financial inclusion and financial education programs. Before joining the central bank, she was Project Manager and Compliance Manager at First National Bank, where she worked on agent networks and AML/CFT compliance. 

Majorie holds a Master of Philosophy Degree in Development Finance from the University of Stellenbosch Business School and a Bachelor of Science in Banking and Finance from the Copperbelt University. 


By Majorie Chalwe-Mulenga


The Evolving Nature and Scale of Consumer Risks in Digital Finance

New consumer risks in digital finance are emerging, especially around data misuse and fraud. Meanwhile, familiar risks like data breaches are speeding up, not slowing down. New approaches to consumer protection are needed.